Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I broke my nose! (Special FX Tutorial)

I decided to do a quick 'realistic' broken nose tutorial, there's lots and lots of tutorials for over-the-top broken nose effects (blood everywhere, bruised from head to toe) that's fine if that's the look you want but I wanted to demonstrate something that looked realistic in the 'flesh'

This is a quick and easy effect suitable for beginners :) I only used a few products too so you won't need to spend a fortune on make-up supplies. And here is the tutorial...

Products used:

Kryolan Special Wax - alternatively use scar wax

Moisturiser (I used Vaseline intensive care but any will work)

Kryolan Bruise Wheel

Runny Fake Blood (homemade)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it useful :) What Special effects would you like to see next?

Monday, 10 December 2012

Realising You're Going To Love This Job

I wanted to share one of my favourite images of my make-up work. It's from my second 'real' photo shoot outside college - Most of the pictures from my early make-up work I find slightly cringe-worthy and I keep them hidden away in a folder on my bookshelf! But this image turned out pretty amazing. (and I do say so myself! lol)
Ok, but just because I like the image isn't why I love it... This was the shoot where I realised I absolutely loved my new job! There was only the model and photographer (plus the studio owner who kept us stocked up on Jaffa Cakes!) but they both had so much energy. The lovely model, Joja, brought a giant wardrobe of different outfits to use and the photographer, Alan Miller, had loads of great ideas! I was nervous when I first arrived - people can be snotty when you first start out in the industry - but soon I was just having fun! We did loads of different sets and looks, after an 8hr shoot I sat on the train so happy and wishing it could have been longer. Working with other creative people is so much fun and although not every shoot was so much fun as that one - I still love my job :) Have you found your dream job?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Woodland Fantasy Shoot

I've had gold leaf in my make-up kit for a loooonnngg while, but hadn't decided what I was going to do with it, when I saw Petrilude use gold leaf in his 'Mother Earth' Tutorial I knew the shoot I HAD to do was a woodland fantasy one - inspired by Petrilude :)

I knew model Ashleigh would be perfect (We met at a charity photoshoot for JDRF) and I'm lucky enough to live next to a small woodland, so this was a pretty easy shoot to set up.

I wanted to created a woodland faerie character so teamed Ashleigh's 'gold leaf brows' with various hues of green eyeshadow and kept the styling simple with a floaty summer dress and a flower headband (which was an amazing find in Primark this Summer!)
Love how the images turned out, so pleased I kept the gold leaf in my kit for so long - I'll probably be replenishing it too!
What make-up product are waiting for an opportunity to use? x

Monday, 26 September 2011

How To Use Fake Broken Glass

A quick video tutorial of how to create realistic looking wounds using fake glass. I originally used this technique for a low budget road safety film and found very reasonably priced fake glass that looked realistic on camera (actually it looks realistic off camera too and I nearly made my friend faint when I showed him the test make-up! lol)

Products used:

Make-up Sponge
Light & Dark Red Cream Make-up
Liquid Latex
Fake Glass from Dauphines

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pencil Stab Wound Special FX Tutorial

This has been my most requested tutorial! The effect is really simple to do and only takes about 10minutes.

What you need...

Half a pencil
Special Plastic or Derma Wax
Spirit Gum
Cream based make-up in different shade of red
Runny Fake Blood

Pirates of the Caribbean - Cannibal King Necklace Prop

I love pirates of the Caribbean, my favourite character is of course Jack Sparrow :) I decided to make a tutorial of how to make Jack's Cannibal King necklace, hope you enjoy! (by the way it's super easy too)

Special FX Make-up

Hiya Everyone!

My name is Lydia Rachael, I'm a make-up artist who specialises in all kinds of make-up from glamorous photo shoots and beautiful brides to the blood and gore of special FX make-up.

A while ago I made a short portfolio video showing the different types of make-up I do and uploaded it to YouTube. I didn't expect many people to view it, maybe a few friends and colleagues and I soon forgot I had even uploaded it. A year later I noticed comments on the video kept appearing in my inbox so I logged in to view it and was shocked to see it had thousands of views!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to the video (it now has over a million views, wow!) and one thing people kept asking was for tutorials of how to do the Special FX and so a few months I uploaded my first Special FX tutorial :)

Here is the video that started it all...