Monday, 10 December 2012

Realising You're Going To Love This Job

I wanted to share one of my favourite images of my make-up work. It's from my second 'real' photo shoot outside college - Most of the pictures from my early make-up work I find slightly cringe-worthy and I keep them hidden away in a folder on my bookshelf! But this image turned out pretty amazing. (and I do say so myself! lol)
Ok, but just because I like the image isn't why I love it... This was the shoot where I realised I absolutely loved my new job! There was only the model and photographer (plus the studio owner who kept us stocked up on Jaffa Cakes!) but they both had so much energy. The lovely model, Joja, brought a giant wardrobe of different outfits to use and the photographer, Alan Miller, had loads of great ideas! I was nervous when I first arrived - people can be snotty when you first start out in the industry - but soon I was just having fun! We did loads of different sets and looks, after an 8hr shoot I sat on the train so happy and wishing it could have been longer. Working with other creative people is so much fun and although not every shoot was so much fun as that one - I still love my job :) Have you found your dream job?

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