Thursday, 15 September 2011

Special FX Make-up

Hiya Everyone!

My name is Lydia Rachael, I'm a make-up artist who specialises in all kinds of make-up from glamorous photo shoots and beautiful brides to the blood and gore of special FX make-up.

A while ago I made a short portfolio video showing the different types of make-up I do and uploaded it to YouTube. I didn't expect many people to view it, maybe a few friends and colleagues and I soon forgot I had even uploaded it. A year later I noticed comments on the video kept appearing in my inbox so I logged in to view it and was shocked to see it had thousands of views!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to the video (it now has over a million views, wow!) and one thing people kept asking was for tutorials of how to do the Special FX and so a few months I uploaded my first Special FX tutorial :)

Here is the video that started it all...

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